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You can upload PSD, PDF, AI, EPS, TIF, TIFF, PS, EPSF, JPG, JPEG, GIF or PNG files under 10MB.
The higher the resolution, the better the quality. Minx recommends 150 dpi or higher.
For best results view the design tips.

Advanced users can download an EPS template and color swatches for both Corel and Illustrator. You can then upload your design to our system for production.

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  • 1Select the nail template you want to customize.
  • 2Click on design to add to workspace.
  • 3Click the NEXT STEP to confirm your design.

Adjust your design to best fit between cuticle and trim-line.

To resize design place your mouse on edge of the image and drag smaller or larger.

Warning Trim Line

The average nails are approximately ½” tall. Minx is made for long nails at 1” tall. Do not let your desired design go above the length of the nails you will be applying your designs to.

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Please extend nail design past nail size.
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Online Proof Approval

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1. Find a Minx Stylist using the box on the right. Your design will be sent directly to your Minx Manicurist. (It is your responsibility to set up an appointment with your stylist to get Minxed).

2. You will be directed to the store checkout to finalize your purchase. You and your manicurist will receive a confirmation email.

3. Sync with your manicurist and get Minxed!

If you're a Minx Master, you will be directed to the normal store checkout. Minx will send your designs directly to you.

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Step 3 Confirm and Approve Your Designs


Step 4 Order and Find A Minx Stylist



Design in CMYK

Since computer monitors use a different color definition (RGB) than that used by professional printers (CMYK), you should convert your design to use the CMYK color definition to achieve the most accurate color results. If your software allows, use "CMYK: Web Coated (SWOP) V2" to see the most accurate representation of the final printed colors.

Use Vector Art

When possible, use vector graphics created in a desktop publishing program. Vector images are different from photos because they use mathematical equations to define each component of the image. Vector graphics retain high image quality at any size.

  • Vector Image
  • Raster Image

Convert Text to Curves in Illustration Software

Text can be converted to curves (paths) in some graphics programs. This will fix upload errors that result when fonts cannot be embedded in your file. In Illustrator, you can simply select the font and then use the Create Outlines command (Shift+Control+O). Following this easy step will help ensure that your text prints clearly.

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